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#amediting aka welcome to struggle town

I’m currently editing my first draft of Love en Pointe and I’ve arrived at Struggle Town; population 1.

This is a whole new experience to me, finishing my first draft of Love en Pointe was exciting as I’d never completed a full-length manuscript before. Writing it was a blast and watching the word count go up and up was so motivating.

Editing…well that’s a whole other story.

I’m slowly working my way through a printed version, picking holes in my work and hunting out the myriad of spelling errors, incorrect uses of apostrophes (oh the horror) and ugly typos all created during the craziness that was NaNo. I’ll be honest…it’s not fun.

I think editing is one of those things that I’ll grow to enjoy, perhaps when I build a little confidence and stop being my own worst critic (does that ever go away?) But for now I find myself procrastinating by doing all manner of things; washing dishes, painting my nails, baking cookies, writing blog posts…



Ahh grumpy cat…another great way to waste time when you should be editing…

Anyone else in Struggle Town with their writing at the moment? Feel free to comment below and we can be grumpy together.