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Giving yourself a break

Lately I’ve been tired…really tired.

In the few months that have passed I have travelled overseas, tried to deal with the loss of my grandfather, gotten a promotion at work, finished a draft of my MS and started editing it, and made a commitment to myself that I would give this writing thing a red hot go. This is on top of the daily grind which includes work, exercise (personal training, aerobics or yoga 5+ times per week), trying to keep my house from looking like a bomb site  feeding my husband (he’s a fabulous cook but gives no regard to nutrition, hence I cook during the week) and supporting him while he goes through a rough time at work.

As I said, really tired.

When I woke up the other morning I was so tired in fact that I had the urge to cry for no other reason than I just wanted to go back to sleep. Not really healthy if I think about it rationally.

I guess all writers go through this in varied frequencies during their journey to publication and beyond. Before you’re published it’s all about balancing a job or family (or both) whilst learning and writing. Then you get published and you have the added pressures of deadlines, managing marketing and social media, networking etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade writing for the world. It gives me an immense amount of pleasure…but sometimes one needs to take a step back and take some time out. For me that’s taking a few days off, chilling on the couch watching Mad Men and going to bed embarrassingly early.

Mad-Men-Season-3-Promo-mad-men-7684556-2560-1923 (1)

My relaxation of choice

I felt it important to raise this topic in the hope that other writerly folks might see it and cut themselves some slack. We’re all human and we can’t be finely tuned writing machines without the appropriate amount of down time. Giving your mind and body a break could mean that an idea that has been distorted by sleep deprivation suddenly becomes clear, or a solution to your current problem materialises itself after a good night’s sleep.

Be kind to yourself.

How do you like to unwind from writing and life?