Progress – submitting my first manuscript

So far in my journey I have learnt a lot of new things; like what the hell a split infinitive is. I’ve learned that editing is a lot harder than writing, that opportunity abounds when you take the time to look for it, and that taking each new step is simultaneously terrifying and rewarding.

Today I submitted my first complete MS, Love en Pointe, after receiving a request for a full from one of the lovely editors at Harlequin (hello dream publisher!!) based on my entry into a pitch contest. (If you’re looking to pitch I highly recommend reading through the entries to see how people pitch their book, and especially read the three winning pitches to see what publishers look for.)

It’s kind of how I imagine it would be to send your child off to their first day of kindergarten. You hope that you’ve done all you can to prepare, and pray that your baby isn’t harshly criticised. A small part of me wondered if I should keep the submission a secret…you know, just in case I get the dreaded R. But what the hell, I’m excited and proud of myself, so I’ll sing it from the rooftops.

Anyway, this post was just to record my progress (which is kind of why I started this blog in the first place, to document my experiences) and because I have scoffed an entire ‘reward’ magnum in about four seconds so I’m high on sugar right now.