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It is no surprise that I turned out to be a lover of books, all the women in my family are. My grandmother had a vast collection of books including several by VC Andrews, which were my first forray into ‘adult’ reads (well, they seemed very adult when I was 13). By this time I’d also began sneaking my mother’s Mills & Boon books out of her study, so I could read them under the covers.

My favourite school holiday activity was hunting around second-hand book stores with my sister and mother. I was also the nerdy sort of student who would read their English books before the semester had event started. I studied literature high school and even managed to sneak a few English Lit subjects into my very ‘practical’ Business degree.

Now I live in Melbourne with my very own hero and enough books to sink a ship. Life is good. I work in communications where I use lots of words like ‘synergy’ and ‘strategy.’ At night I write, plan and continue to read romance novels under the covers.




I welcome any query, comment or suggestion you might have – please don’t hesitate to contact me via your preferred method.


Blogger/Bookworm/Aspiring Author
Hot & Bothered ~ Reading books under the covers
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