Pintrest for Writers

I think I was ‘pinning’ well before the concept of Pintrest (or even the internet, gulp) was around. As a teen I would fill scrap books with all of the clothes and makeup that inspired me, I’d add pictures of my friends and get them to add their own inspirations as well…little did I know my mother would hang on to said scrapbooks and embarrass me years later with proof that I did in-fact like puffer vests and platform runners (hell Spice Girls influence).

Irreparable emotional wounds aside, inspiration boards and Pintrest are great tools for writers! I’m a very visual person and I ‘see’ my characters rather than thinking of them in terms of words. An inspiration board is the kind of thing that I did when I was writing back in my teens. Now, I just use Pintrest.

The social and highly addictive site has grown quickly (to the tune of 48.7 million users at March 2013,  according to this article) with many of those being women. I say ‘many of those’ because each site seems to claim a slightly different statistic, but in many cases it’s evident that the vast majority of users are women. This is good news for romance writers as it means your target market is right there waiting for you!

There are a lot of articles on how writers can use Pintrest to market books, increase their online presence following etc. (check out this blog post and this one) but I like to keep it basic and use it for images that inspire me. Whenever I feel like I need to ‘see’ the world my characters are living in, I spend a little time looking at my board and adding to it.

I’ve set up a board for the novella I’m working on (One Last Wish) but I have other random things that I enjoy looking at, including Disney pictures, vintage romance book covers, and word-related funnies.

I highly recommend giving Pintrest ago (set aside some time, it’s a slippery slope) whether you use it to promote your work, increase your online presence or simply stick up images you like.



4 thoughts on “Pintrest for Writers

  1. What a great article. I have never used pintrest but my phone album is full of pics!! Case in point about five photos of joe manganiello because he is an endless source of inspiration ;P will give it a go but fear I have found another great social media distraction 🙂

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