The End of NaNo & News

It’s been 12 days since NaNoWriMo finished, and for the first 5 days or so I couldn’t even look at my manuscript. In the end I didn’t “win” at NaNo, since I didn’t quite make the 50k goal. I did however, finish with a respectable 35k piece of work that I can continue to progress, and I proved to myself that I could write without planning to the nth degree beforehand.

So often I’ve suffered from analysis paralysis, in that I spend so much time and energy on trying to plan out my writing that I don’t actually ever write the story. I believe this is the reason it’s taken me so many years to actually get stuck into writing regularly. No longer!

My current plan is to finish the story, take a break from it and work on something smaller, then complete a round of editing before sending it out to a few friends and family members who’ve offered to be beta readers. I know where the story is heading, and I’m only about 20-25k away from my goal word count. For the first time ever, finishing a story seems achievable and if that’s the biggest thing I take away from my NaNo experience then I am 100% happy!

In other news…

I will be a student next year, studying a Cert IV in Professional Writing and Editing!!! I am beyond excited that I was able to get into the course and cannot wait to start. I’ll be studying part-time (since I have this pesky full-time job that I need to keep) and so the course will likely take a few years – but I don’t care, I’m ready to learn and improve my writing as much as possible.

The idea of being student again is a strange one, as it’s been a few years since I finished my Business degree and I didn’t love uni back then (probably because I was studying what I thought I should be studying instead of what I wanted to study). So, I’m going to enjoy the Christmas break and try as hard as I can to finish my current manuscript before I start the course in February.

So many things to do and so little time!


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