Vintage Book Friday: Awkward Poses…and Fabio

Awkwardness crack me up. It’s that same weird sense of humour that makes me love The Office and sites like Awkward Family Photos…seriously, this site is amazing. This photo shoot famously highlighted the awkward posing common in vintage romance novels but I felt there were so many more that fit the bill. A brief search yielded gold, and I am left wondering…who actually created these covers and why so awkward?

I’m totally getting a Dracular vibe from this…not surprising as Marilyn Harris was also a horror author

Is that Fabio? I’m pretty sure it’s Fabio…the most beautiful man in the cosmos.

Someone turned up the wind machine!

Tousled hair? Check.  Obsequious hand placement? Check. Horses in the background? Check

…seriously, what is with background horses on romance novel covers!

Just a little lower, my love…

I could go on and on, but that’s all for this week’s Vintage Friday! Be prepared for more Fabio covers in the future.


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