Discussion Tuesdays: Have you always loved romance books?

I’ve noticed a recurring them when reading romance bloggers and author’s websites recently. Quite a few of these die-hard romance story lovers have admitted to distancing themselves from the genre at one point, some even saying they dismissed the genre in favour of more ‘literary’ works for a period of time.

I also went through this stage, for quite a number of years in fact. After falling in love with romance novels during my teens, by the time I’d graduated high school I felt that I should be reading books with more ‘substance’ and thus I shunned the romance genre for almost a decade.

I think this was a misguided attempt to appear worldly, in a time when I was young and trying to figure out my way in life. I think it was also due to the shock of leaving high school (where I breezed through school) and entering a more adult world, where I was accountable for myself. I felt like literary books were more ‘grown up’ and thus, a better choice for someone trying to appear smart and successful.

Almost ten years later I’m a lot more comfortable in myself and have moved back into loving the romance genre. Although I am ribbed, by people in my life, for my love of Mills and Boon books on a fairly regular basis.

I’m curious, have you ever shied away from the romance genre?


2 thoughts on “Discussion Tuesdays: Have you always loved romance books?

  1. Never. I think it helped that my mum loved Anne Mather and Kathleen Woodiwiss. I’ve also never been ashamed of the covers, although I did have to hide my Mills and Boons in high school when reading during class. πŸ˜€ I also stopped reading them for a few years after uni, but I think that was more a case of overdosing on M&Bs and then being too busy to read very much at all.

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