Vintage Book Friday: Captive Bride by Johanna Lindsey

After listening to a Dear Bitches Smart Authors podcast (which I highly recommend if you don’t mind bursting out laughing in a tram full of sombre business people who’ll look at you like you’re crazy…or perhaps that’s just me) which talked about ‘Romance Canon’ books. This sparked my interest in reading a little father back into the history of the romance genre.

In doing this, I picked up a copy of Captive Bride by Johanna Lindsey (which is waiting patiently on my  TBR list) from 1977. The cover that my version has is the most recent (2011) Avon cover:

I thought for this week’s Vintage Book Friday it would be fun to look at the evolution of covers for this particular book…

Captive Bride by Johanna Lindsey – Vintage Covers

After a little hunting on GoodReads and Google, I believe the following two covers are from 1977 (upon the book’s original release):

Then we have the Fabio-era no-shirt, muscled guy/half-dressed woman combo from 1987:

Then into the 90’s with two non-English versions in 1991:

This cover, which I believe was from 1992:

Which Captive Bride cover do you like best?


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