Vintage Book Friday: My Vintage TBRs

Sorry vintage book Friday is late this week! It’s been a bit of a nightmare at work, so blogging took a back-seat.

Shopping around 2nd hand book stores and op shops is a hobby of mine, I love sifting through the endless rows of pre-loved books in the hopes I’ll find something to take home with me. I wanted to share a couple of the vintage (these are from the early to mid nineties, so approaching 20 years old) books which are currently on my ‘to be read’ (TBR) list…

The Reasons for Marriage by Stephanie Laurens (1995)

From Good ReadsA dashing duke persuades a reserved young woman to be his wife, in THE REASONS FOR MARRIAGE, by New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Laurens. Captivating historical romance from one of today’s top-selling authors Lenore Lester is perfectly content with her quiet country life, caring for her father, and has no desire for marriage. She takes steps to remain inconspicuous and indifferent, but the Duke of Eversleigh has found her out… 

Mills & Boon Medical Romance – Take a Deep Breath by Margaret O’Neill (1994)

Princes Park Hospital’s accident and emergency consultant, Luke Steel, was a charmer par excellence. And to managing sister Julia Manning’s bemusement, the full force of his charm had suddenly become focused on her. She knew she had an ice-queen reputation, and Luke was not a man to resist a challenge. Though there could be no doubt about Luke’s integrity when it came to his work, could Julia trust his intentions as a man?

Mills and Boon – Fantasies and the Future by Miranda Lee (1994) 

The new man who came into mow the lawns turned out to be  more stunning than any of Ava’s fantasies, though she realised that Vince Morelli thought she was just another rich, lonely housewife looking for excitement! But, all the same, Ava knew that her narrow, boring, virginal existence was gone forever…Life was changing for Gemma too, but for the worse – those evil rumours that Damian Campbell whispered to her about Nathan couldn’t be true…could they?

Do you enjoy snooping at other people’s reading lists? I do, and I share my TBR list over at Good Reads! If you’re on Good Reads do stop by and say hello.

Do you have any vintage books on your ‘to be read’ list?


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