Discussion Tuesday: Romance ‘themes’ you don’t get

I had this thought whilst listening to the Harlequin “Meet the Editor” podcast series (which keeps me amused during my daily commute to and from the office.) There are quite a number of themes that I don’t find appealing which seem to be really strong and successful in the romance genre.

Popular romance themes that  I don’t like to read about include:

  • Men in kilts (mainly relating to book covers) – not sure why the kilt thing seems to be so popular…is it because they’re not supposed to be wearing anything underneath?
  • Secret Babies – perhaps this is because I’m not a mother and baby-related stories don’t really do it for me in general but all the Harlequin editors bring up how much they love secret baby stories – why??
  • Cowboys – not sure why there is such a fascination with cowboys and stories set on ranches…nothing against it, I just don’t understand why it (above so many other things) seems to be so common
  • Vampires – I am completely burnt out by vampire themes (with the exception of watching True Blood), which is kind of sad as I was a huge vampire enthusiast back in the day. I should have stopped reading after Interview with the Vampire. I’m moving onto zombies now.

On the other hand I am head over heels for regency romance, friends to lovers and paranormal beings (other than vampires) at the moment.

Which popular romance themes fail to float your boat? 


2 thoughts on “Discussion Tuesday: Romance ‘themes’ you don’t get

  1. That’s funny, I’ve read 2 books recently with the “secret baby” thing. They are interesting bringing the elements of betrayal and secrecy. I have to say I love vampires and all paranormal beings, but I always have. I’m not really into Cowboys, never have been but the Rough Riders series by Lorelei James which is pretty much Contemp Rom and Erotica is awesome to me! 🙂 Men in Tilts? I’m not really into them actually in the kilts, but more loving their accents in the books. “Aye,” totally love that! 😛

    Jenese @ Readers Confession

  2. Hi Jenese, thanks for stopping by. I agree that the accent for men in kilts is more appealing than the kilts themselves! I’m getting into heaps of other paranormal, aside from vampires lately 🙂

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