Discussion Tuesday: Favourite Romance Sub-Genre?

The Discussion Tuesday posts are a forum for book worms (both for avid romance readers and readers of other genres) to discuss different aspects of being reading, buying and loving books.

Today’s question is:

What is your favourite romance sub-genre? Are you a historical romance lover? A romantic suspense junkie? Something else?

As with most things in life I like a little of everything, however I most often gravitate towards historical romance (or any era) and contemporary romance. That said, I am no history buff by any means and wouldn’t be able to spot a historical inaccuracy in anything I read!

However, there’s just something about the gorgeous covers, the old-fashioned words and images plus the strangeness of historical norms that captivates me with historical romance. On the contrary, contemporary romance appeals to me  because it feels real and I can often relate to the angst, passion and confusion felt by the characters.

Sub-genres I’m becoming more and more curious about:

  • Paranormal romance
  • Fantasy romance
  • Romantic suspense

Leave your answer in the comments below and tell me what your favourite romance sub-genre is.


2 thoughts on “Discussion Tuesday: Favourite Romance Sub-Genre?

  1. At the moment, it’s historical romance for me, although I’m making a conscious effort to read more contemporaries. It’s interesting, though, that in my youth I mostly read contemporary categories. I only read historicals that I borrowed from the library. But maybe I just had less spending money then, so it was cheaper to read the Mills and Boons.

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