Vintage Book Friday: Pirate Edition

After picking up a copy of Romancing the Pirate by Michelle Beattie (which my little sister thinks is the funniest thing ever) I decided to dedicate a Vintage Book Friday post to pirates and their amazing, mane-like hair.

What’s not to love about a pirate romance? There’s mullets and man pony-tails, heaving bosoms, swords and other phallic symbols, dirty men in open shirts and leggings…pirate romances HAVE IT ALL.

Here is some gorgeous vintage pirate goodness for you…

A Pirate’s Pleasure by Heather Graham (1989) – love the random shot of the horse galloping in the background. He’s coming towards you!!

In a Pirate’s Arms by Mary Kingsley (1996) – oh that is some hot, pirate-y goodness…good use of the wind machine there.

The Pirate and his lady by Margaret St. George (1992) – hmm lovely pony-tail on this pirate! I bet that’s one hell of a mullet when he wears it down.

Gentle Rogue by Johanna Lindsey (1990) – hey, it’s Fabio! Is it just me or do his nipples look massively uneven…

Want more swashbuckling action? GoodReads Listopia will set you on the path to more pirate-related action. I hope you enjoyed the pirate edition of Vintage Book Friday!

Whose your favourite pirate? Do you dig pirate romance?


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