Discussion Tuesday: Are you an impulse book buyer?

There is a new post category on Hot & Bothered! The Discussion Tuesday posts will be a forum for book worms (both for avid romance readers and readers of other genres) to discuss different aspects of being reading, buying and loving books.

Today’s question is:

How do you buy your books? Do you plan and research your purchases or do you buy on a whim?

I have to admit to be a bit of an impulsive purchaser in most instances (not just with books, but with most things!) If I’m out and I come across a bookstore I’ll often pop in and leave with a book from an author that I’ve never heard of before just based on the fact that I liked the cover (silly, I know!) and that the blurb sounded interesting.

I tend to do more research if I’m purchasing online because there’s no immediate thrill that you get with buying in-store, so I take my time with it. This is where I tend to look for particular authors that have piqued my interest, or for particular books that have been prominent in reviews or the media. I do look at ratings for books when buying on sites like Amazon or Apple’s iBook store, as a general indicator although I don’t let negative reviews put me off buying something that I want to read.

Are you a researcher or an impulse buyer? Or perhaps you’re a little bit of both, like me. Leave your answer in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Discussion Tuesday: Are you an impulse book buyer?

  1. I do both… which is bad for my budget XD I am a crazy impulse buyer but when my budget is low I do want to get more bang for my buck so I research like a mad woman.

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