Vintage Book Fridays: 1960’s Harlequin Subscriber Magazine

There’s just something I adore about vintage books. One of my favourite hobbies is hunting around dusty, old second-hand book stores and markets looking for discarded treasures. Therefore, in the spirit of my love for all things old and nostalgic, I bring you Vintage Book Fridays.

Vintage Harlequin 1970s

A vintage Harlequin Magazine cover, circa 1960s source

Don’t you just love the art work? This magazine apparently included a full length story, short story and articles of travel, cooking and beauty.

The included full-length novel was Surgeon at St. Brides (1961 – also known an A Yankee Surgeon at St. Brides) by Elizabeth Gilzean. Gilzean was a Harlequin author who wrote several stories through the 50s and early 60s focusing on the Doctor/Nurse romance theme and also published under the pen names  Elizabeth Houghton and Mary Hunton.


“He’s nearly six feet and I expect you gals would call him good-looking if you like that clean-cut American type…you know, the kind they use for advertising shirts and toothpaste,” was the way the Senior Casualty Officer described the new Yankee surgeon, John B. Tremayne, to Staff Nurse Sally Conway. And when John Tremayne duly took over at St.Bride’s, he certainly started some innovations, one of which was to perform all his operations at night-with Sally to assist him. Sally herself did not find the Yankee surgeon’s new routine at all upsetting, but she was to discover that his personal effect on her was quite another matter.”


2 thoughts on “Vintage Book Fridays: 1960’s Harlequin Subscriber Magazine

  1. I do love the artwork! I love anything vintage am looking forward to more of your Vintage Book Fridays. Thanks for visiting my blog. Barbara.

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